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Why I can't use some tools and some styles of communications

Learning about marketing and selling

There are a few ways to say it; many of them sound like clichés:


Sell the way you buy


Have empathy for the buyer


Be authentic


Don’t try to market or sell in a way that you would never buy from


Ultimately being good at marketing and sales means understanding your potential buyers, offering them something they need in a way that they like, and making it easy for them to buy from you.


Therefore, specifically as it relates to me, I cannot:

  • Sound like Gary V, because he is not appealing. I don’t want to be too loud, talk too fast, and come across like I know everything and you know nothing.
  • Cold call, because it is just bugging people.
  • Use bots, because they are not real people, but they are trying to come across like they are real people, hidden behind the guise of live text messages.
  • Use forms, because it means that I am not trying to engage with you directly.


It also therefore means that I ought to:

  • Appeal to your intellect.
  • Be consultative.
  • Add value.
  • Be a real, normal person.
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