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War Gaming

is not like real war

No, my friends, the corporate exercise of War Gaming is nothing like real war, and has nothing to do with real war.

Corporate War Gaming is a facilitated exercise that uses role playing to attempt to better understand strengths, weaknesses and possibilities amongst competitors in a market. It is all done within a framework where normal laws apply. It is not about destroying the opponent; rather it is about winning market share. It is about using all sources of intelligence and all tools of the mind, including emotional intelligence and empathy, to put yourself in the place of your competitors and to think like them, anticipate their next move. It is good for poker and chess, and selling detergent or developing soda recipes. It is not about killing soldiers or bombing civilians.

The military and the government use intelligence sources to tell them about the capabilities of other nations or organizations, and they use strategic think-tanks to predict the next move of those “others”. But they do not play within the framework of the law. They are out to dominate and destroy the “other” from an economic, political or social perspective.

In the way that Coke competes with Pepsi, the US is not competing with North Korea. The US government is threatening to kill North Korean people, to destroy buildings, and to deplete resources. I am not commenting on whether this is justified or necessary. I am saying that it is nothing like role playing or scenario planning.

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