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The Launch of Flux Advisory

I am pleased to announce the launch of Flux Advisory, a brand new boutique, B2B intelligence services company.

At Flux Advisory, we recognize that business markets are in a constant state of change, so businesses do not require static, one-time updates and inputs to their strategy; rather Flux Advisory offers guidance on how to navigate markets that are in a constant state of flux.

Flux Advisory’s strategic goal is to help companies create and/or improve their intelligence functions by providing them with advice on how and where to get the intelligence services they need, and how to conduct it better themselves. We know about Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Analyst Relations, secondary research, primary research, strategic analysis, intelligence management software, and actionable intelligence deliverables. We can facilitate War Gaming sessions, Intelligence Best Practices workshops, and assist you with determining which projects, products and services you require.

I launched Flux Advisory because I want to work at a company that prioritizes these values:

  • Long-term, sustainable, trustworthy relationships
  • Responsiveness
  • Clear, honest communication
  • Integrity


Flux Advisory contact information:

+1 (647) 332-FLUX (3589)


I look forward to networking with you.



Rahul Dhingra

Founder & Principal, Flux Advisory

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