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The Dirty Little Secret of Intelligence Management

What is Field Intelligence?

Field Intelligence is nuggets, rumors, updates and information about an organization's external operating environment that is brought into the organization's knowledge from its front line team members.

So what's the secret?

The dirty little secret of intelligence management is that a significant portion of the information you wish you knew about the market is often in the minds of your colleagues. Those exposed directly to other value chain members are collecting what you need to know every day. It is a unique channel for intelligence to flow into a company - if it is managed appropriately.

How is Field Intelligence usually managed?

Through a managed process, those from the front line (sales, customer service, fleet drivers, etc.), will gather observations and news about competitors, market conditions, suppliers, and customers, and relay them back to a central intelligence hub within the organization. Further filtering, processing, analyzing, sharing, dissemination is possible, with the goal of taking action, making more informed decisions, and enabling the organization as a whole to learn, grow and compete.

Some companies open every possible communication channel to their front line teams, enabling intelligence to flow in without requiring anything more than willingness to communicate from the team members. They have a dedicated email address, voice mail box, and a well-known name for people to contact. The intelligence practitioner then filters through all the emails, calls, voice mails, and messages, and decides what to filter out, what to prioritize, and what to disseminate to whom within the company. There are other cases where companies enable their field reps to input field intelligence to their intelligence management software portal by entering it as an email from their mobile device.

Contact us if you're right now saying something like: I didn't even know there was such a thing as Field Intelligence, but I should have!

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