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Knowing is half the battle

In market intelligence and competitive intelligence, clients are always asking for research that will tell them something new, something they didn't already know. In fact, many clients will judge the value of our research and analysis work, and our market monitoring work, based on whether we could find something to tell them that would surprise them about their markets and competitors. It is a fallacy that intelligence work should always bring something new.

In fact, more often than not, I think intelligence work should validate what you and your colleagues already know. Proving that your information is still valid and up-to-date is key.
Furthermore, when you know that exhaustive research has been conducted, and that you now know as much as anyone else your market about who is who and what is what, then you know you are working with a complete set of currently available information, and you can make fully informed decisions.
Markets are in a constant state of change, as are companies, strategies, and operating conditions, and therefore regular validation of competitive landscapes and SWOTs are necessary. But just because you invest time and energy into this research, does not mean you must be WOWed by the results. It might just mean that you are calmed and reassured by them.

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