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Flux Advisory pivots to add facilitation services

In a recent experience, I was added to a team of rushed hires in a leadership position, and then left to on-board myself. I quickly realized that the team around me was full of smart, interesting, and eager people who were not working together to make anything more effective or more efficient. They needed a vision; a common, shared goal. They needed to form a communication protocol, to understand who would do what, and who would fill in for what falls between the cracks. They needed respect for each other, and to build psychological safety together. They needed trust.

Senior management was away busy doing seniory managementy stuff, so I tried an experiment. I pulled aside all the team leads for a one day offsite workshop with the theme of communication, respect and trust. I said, if we can all agree to build this amongst ourselves, the rest of the extended team might adopt this culture as well, and then we can be ready to work toward a shared vision. The day’s agenda was full of exercises, watching Ted Talks, activities and games, all curated to point out that we currently don’t have the level of trust, respect, and communication that we all agree we need, and in a few examples, I was also able to highlight how we go about building it with each other.

I planned and facilitated the day, and received great feedback from the team. I also started noticing some impact on the rest of the extended team as a result of the offsite. And the best part was that I discovered that I really enjoy leading this type of engagement, and would be delighted to do it again.

So Flux Advisory has pivoted to include this type of service.

We still include everything we did before as it relates to intelligence services and best practices. And we can still be there in a pinch for most kinds of management consulting. We are now also highlighting our services in:

  • Training, facilitation, workshops, guidance, organizational behaviour consulting
  • Enabling a team of rushed hires to build a faster, stronger, efficient and effective dynamic
  • Train humanity back into the workday
  • Enable growth, learning, and exceeding expectations
  • One on one mentoring
  • Team training
  • Mediation for project teams that are not functioning like a team
  • Facilitating exercises to help define culture and goal-pursuit
  • Enabling trust and communication amongst newly formed and existing teams
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