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Digital Transformation is not a panacea

To make life better, we need to invest in people, who can then invest in building digital solutions

The things that I see that need attention, fixing, innovation, research and development, enhancement, etc.;

The things that I see that need discussion, training, investment;
The things that I see that need to be addressed;
None of these things can be solved with a new app, a 3D printer, stronger cyber-security, a mobile interface, or the connection of IoT sensors and devices.
The things that I see that we need to work on are how we treat people, how we build teams, how we create trust, how we communicate, how we enable growth, how we create safety in order for individuals and teams to make products, systems, services, and procedures that can make life better, faster, stronger, more fun.

The key is to pursue Transformation with a Purpose and while upholding Values - and understand that this may or may not require digital transformation as a means to an end.

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