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Culture is Priority #1

I tend to hear these statements a lot:

  • “You can always count on Rahul to mention the culture.”
  • “There he goes again with the culture topic.”
  • “It’s his thing; talking about the culture.”


I believe that culture is tied for first place, along with profitability, sustainability, and client satisfaction, for top priorities of a business. And yet, I never hear:

  • “Oh, that’s John, always concerned with the budget.”
  • “You can always expect Eric to talk about generating revenue.”
  • “Jennifer is on about client satisfaction, as usual.”


If you’re not intentionally observing, managing, and operating your business culture, then it is evolving naturally as a result of various personalities in your team, and their priorities.


If you’re not satisfied with a culture of ‘sales at any cost’, or ‘the budget is more important than your need to feel fulfilled’; it is because you and your happiness are not a priority in the business.


In order to balance the priorities of a business, to include finding ways that make team members happy as a by-product of pursuing revenues, profits, clients, etc., then the values of the individuals on the team need to become the values of the organization; or at least, they need to be integrated and aligned and communicated in some way. And if you’re not talking about the values of the individuals, the team, or the organization while making decisions, then you’re not talking about culture. And if you’re not talking about culture, then culture and values are not a priority for you.


Should they be?


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