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    Strategy, insight, analysis.

  • What We Do

    Additional, capable, resources when you need them.

    Corporate Strategy

    When your exec team needs to move fast but they're slammed

    Needs analysis, consultative solutions.
    Marketing, sales, commercial due diligence.

    Team Enhancement

    When you're looking to bring them all together

    Re-setting the stage with your team.
    Planning and facilitation of themed off-sites.
    Team-building, brain storming, workshops.


    What do you wish you knew?

    Market intelligence, competitive intelligence.
    Research, strategic analysis, due diligence.
    Continuous market monitoring, and actionable insights.
    Intelligence best practices consulting.

  • About The Company

    Integrity above all else.


    Starting his own business is an opportunity for Rahul to focus on providing professional customer service and communications to clients in a way that is not often practiced in the intelligence community. By pursuing long-term, sustainable, trustworthy relationships, responsiveness, and clear, honest communication, Rahul puts integrity above revenues, profits and career status.

    Who is Rahul Dhingra?

    Rahul Dhingra is the Founder, Principal, and VP Strategy at Flux Advisory.


    He has over twenty years of business experience. The first ten years were spent in supply chain management, the more recent decade has been spent in strategy and intelligence. He has experience as an analyst, consultant, best practices leader, and sales executive in the market intelligence field.


    Rahul grew from Analyst to Consultant and then to Senior Consultant in a short period of time while perfecting his knowledge of Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence at Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA). One of a handful of selected leaders on the subject, he became Director of Intelligence Best Practices Consulting for North America when GIA was acquired in 2015. Rounding out his expertise in consultative sales, Rahul has also been a Senior Account Executive at a firm that offers market and competitive intelligence in the IT and telecom verticals.


    Rahul enjoys international travel, creative writing, reading, and cooking. He lives with his wife, two daughters, and their puppy in Toronto. Rahul can be reached at rahul@fluxadvisory.com.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    There are a few ways to say it; many of them sound like clichés:   Sell the way you buy   Have empathy for the buyer   Be authentic   Don’t try to market or sell in a way that you would never buy from   Ultimately being good at marketing and sales means understanding your potential buyers,...
    We think about our work from the perspective of what we do, what we know, and what we offer. And the longer we do it, the better we get at it, the closer to our work we get. We become experts. We learn more, and we add to our knowledge. We gain experience. We get to know it inside and out. This...
    It takes an effort for an organization to align its messaging for multiple audiences, via multiple channels. We need to ensure we are saying the same thing about our brand, products and services to our prospects, clients, partners, suppliers, investors, employees, potential employees, industry...
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